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Pile Testing across the UK and Ireland

To ensure you benefit from the most dependable service, we supplement our quality control procedures with an extensive range of pile and in situ soil testing.

We offer a range of different pile testing techniques. The most requested are:


  • Tension pile method
  • Kentledge
  • Anchor stressing

Static testing using any of these reaction methods determines the relationship between load and settlement, or to verify that the capacity of a pile exceeds the specified load. The constant rate of penetration technique can determine ultimate pile bearing capacity.


Dynamic load testing is an economical alternative to conventional static load testing, eliminating the need for costly proof loading. Integrity testing economically and reliably determines pile concrete and section uniformity.

In situ soil testing is available for all bored piling techniques, covering:

  • S.P.T
  • Cohesion strength
  • Moisture content
  • Plasticity and heave analysis
  • Soil mineralogy

In situ testing provides an accurate appraisal of the soil mechanics parameters used in the pile design, and is particularly useful where only limited site investigation data is available.

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