Design of Piling Associated Works across the UK and Ireland

slope stability designwallap

Our design department run by a team of Chartered Engineers benefits from over 100 years of accumulated geotechnical design expertise and we are happy to offer pre-tender advice, in conjunction with a full design build service, backed by £10million PI and Third Party insurance.

Our expertise extends beyond the compressive tensile and lateral load capacities of the following piling techniques…

1 Bored, Driven, Screw, Enlarged base, Ductile, Rock drill piling, Anchors, and Soil Nails
By using advanced geotechnical software such as

Wallap , Slope, GWall ,Mathematica, Flac and Oasys Adsec

2 We are experts in the design of large embedded retaining wall basements to Eurocodes especially in city centre sites where continuum mathematics is required to accurately assess deflections, settlements and prop forces for either cantilever, single or multi-propped solutions.

3 Slope stabilisation, Lateral pile Analysis
Working with local slope stability experts we offer multiple global stability solutions either as individual or as multiple techniques combining.

Large diameter shear keys and intersection walls with optional moment restraint, anchored and rock bolting solutions, passive and compression anchors, Ground anchors and soil nails, electro kinetic osmosis, flexible plastic piles, toe weighting and under-drainage.

4 High Frequency Loading, for industrial foundations and roller coasters, Pile Settlement Analysis, and Negative friction on floating or rigid end bearing piles.