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Soilmec R312


Soilmec R312 A duel purpose rotary and CFA piling rig, with 19.0m drill depth in standard CFA mode. The rig also has a modular mast, allowing for an optional low headroom configuration with an overall mast height of 13m. Capable of diameters of 300-750mm in CFA and 350-1500mm in Rotary. In full [...]

Soilmec SR30


Soilmec SR30 A duel purpose rotary and CFA piling rig, with its' cat head modified to facilitate front of wall working to drill retaining walls within 700mm of the pile centre to face of wall. Capable of CFA 300-900mm diameter and rotary 350-1500mm diameter. Brochure Model Soilmec [...]

Soilmec SR95


The Soilmec SR95 is the most powerful addition to the Foundation Piling fleet. We now have two of these rigs with a range of attachments and ancilliary equipment to make the most of their dual purpose capabilities. The rigs are typically employed in 2 line “quick conversion” CFA mode, [...]