Project Description

PVE 45DR (Woltmann 45D)

This is one of the most powerful piling machines for its size making it a very competitive rig. This CFA only piling rig will drill up to 21m depth with a diameter range of 300-900mm. It is fully instrumented and ideal for quick and efficient production.

This rig is ideal for highway work due to its quick set up time and vertically folding mast.

Model PVE 45DR
Weight 51.1t operating
47.4t transport
Dimensions 4.1 x 7.9 operating footprint
26.2 mast height (CFA)
2.3 x 17.25 transport mode
Pile Types CFA
Maximum Depth 21m CFA
Maximum Diameter 900mm CFA
Engine CAT C 9.3
344 HP @ 1800 rpm
Tier 4 emissions compliant
Power Crowd (rotary) 60kN
Main winch line pull 100kN
Track Pressures Q1 = 184kPa
Q2 = 275kPa
Track pressures for use as guide only, full details available on request.
Attributes CFA modern piling rig. Incorporated counterweight omits need for
service crane. Fully instrumented with the NDT system.