Project Description

Soilmec SR30

A duel purpose rotary and CFA piling rig, with its’ cat head modified to facilitate front of wall working to drill retaining walls within 700mm of the pile centre to face of wall. Capable of CFA 300-900mm diameter and rotary 350-1500mm diameter.

Model Soilmec SR-30
Weight 38.2t operating
34t transport
Dimensions 4.1m x 7.3m operating footprint
17m mast height (CFA)
2.6m x 16.5m transport mode
Pile Types CFA, Rotary, Auger Displacement
Maximum Depth 19m CFA
49m rotary
Maximum Diameter 750mm CFA
1500mm rotary
Engine Cummins QSB 6.7
220 HP @ 2200 rpm
Tier 3 emissions compliant
Power Torque 130kNm
Crowd (rotary) 100kN
Main winch line pull 330kN
Track Pressures Q1 = 197kPa
Q2 = 229kPa
Track pressures for use as guide only, full details available on request.
Attributes Multi purpose CFA or Rotary modern piling rig. Quiet, fast and fully instrumented.