Project Description

Soilmec SR70

This is a powerful dual purpose rotary and CFA piling rig with nearly 3 times the torque of conventional, lighter rigs. In both rotary and CFA modes, the SR70 has proven itself capable of drilling through rock, including large diameter rock sockets to depths of up to 40m. In rotary mode, segmental temporary casing is available for installation to depths of up to 20m.

For full details download our datasheet in PDF format.

Model Soilmec SR-70
Weight 86t operating
70t transport
Dimensions 4.5m x 8.8m operating footprint
28.6m mast height (cfa)
3.0m x 14.7m transport mode
Maximum Depth CFA 27m
Rotary 49m (79m with special Kelly bar)
Maximum Diameter 1200mm cfa
2000mm rotary
Engine Deutz TCD 2015-V06
448 HP @ 1900 rpm
Tier 3 emissions compliant
Power Torque 270kNm
Crowd (rotary) 201kN
Main winch line pull 210kN
Track Pressures Q1 = 316kPa
Q2 = 356kPa
Track pressures for use as guide only, full details available on request.
Attributes Heavy duty, multi purpose CFA or Rotary modern piling rig. Self-handling counterweight system omits need for service crane. Fully instrumented with Soilmec DMS system.