Project Description

Soilmec SF50

The Soilmec SF50 is a dedicated CFA piling rig. We currently operate 4 of these machines making them the workhorse of our fleet.

The SF50 is self-erecting, quick to mobilise and will drill up to 25m depth with a diameter range of 300-900mm. It is ideal for quick and efficient production, especially in soft soils.

Each of the rigs is fully instrumented to monitor drilling parameters and concrete pressures and ensure quality of pile construction.

We have recently invested in low headroom conversion kits to fit these machines, ideal for projects where height restrictions may be in force or where space is limited. This kit removes the folding mast extension significantly reducing reducing setup time and space. The rig has been frequently employed with a shortened mast on various smart motorway schemes, working in narrow lane closures with regular rig moves.

Model Soilmec SF-50
Weight 39t operating
32.5t transport
Dimensions 4.0m x 7.6m operating footprint
22.8m mast height (CFA)
2.5m x 15.2m transport mode
Pile Types CFA
Maximum Depth 25m CFA
Maximum Diameter 900mm CFA
Engine Cummins QSB 6.7
220 HP @ 2200 rpm
Tier 3 emissions compliant
Power Crowd (rotary) 37kN
Main winch line pull 102kN
Track Pressures Q1 = 152kPa
Q2 = 285kPa
Track pressures for use as guide only, full details available on request.
Attributes CFA modern piling rig. Incorporated counterweight omits need for
service crane. Fully instrumented with Soilmec DMS system.