Tripod Piling

Foundation Piling is the largest Tripod piling contractor in the United Kingdom with the unique ability to install piles up to 750mm diameter in headroom as low as 3.0m.

Using sectional temporary casing to support unstable ground, tripod piling can be employed in a wide range of ground conditions, providing an effective solution to access and limited headroom sites.

Most components can be manually handled, and very little mechanical assistance is required to negotiate stairways and corridors, making tripod rigs preferable to tracked machines for many restricted applications.

Electrically powered rigs are available for use in confined spaces, including basements, ruling out the necessity for fume extraction systems.

Both rig types can be readily be adapted to operate in 3.0m headroom, and with special modification and tooling, piles can be constructed in even more restricted conditions.


  • Diameters from 250mm to 750mm
  • Depths up to 35m
  • Sectional Casing
  • Electric Rigs


  • Limited Headroom
  • Difficult Access
  • Suitable for Track-Side
  • Small Projects
  • Contiguous Bored Pile Walls
  • Secant (Hard/Soft) Bored Pile Walls
  • Lift Pit Liners
  • Water Well Points