Soil Nailing

We offer a full computer assisted design service in conjunction with slope stability analysis.

Soil nails  are offered as a stand alone solution, installed with either an excavator or track mounted drilling rigs or for those sites with severe access constraints, small mast rigs capable of being abseiled down slopes or attached to scaffold platforms are available.

In addition soil nails can be offered as part of combination  wall solutions, such as contiguous walls with top section nailed and crib/gabion walls used in combination  with nails to reduce the size and environmental impact of the solution where retained heights are large or space is at a premium.

  • Soil or Rock Nails enhance the strength of new or existing slopes.
  • Can be faced with the vegetration friendly geotextile matting or used in conjunction with gabion or crib lock walls to minimise space.
  • Range of Restricted area rigs available.
  • Can suppliment capacity of existing or proposed hard walls to provide cost efficient wall solutions.


  • Steel, or man-made nails.
  • Temporary or permanent durability.
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Soil Nailing Rigs

Volvo EC290
Komastu PC210
Beretta T44