Screw Piles

Foundation Piling have utilised screw piles in open access and restricted conditions and across a wide range of soil types and conditions. The technique can be used across a range of Foundation Piling’s piling and handling rigs, with the addition of a driving torque head to install the screw piles and extension pieces to the depth, or torque, required by the design.
The piles are available in a range of lengths and capacities which allows piles to be installed in restricted headroom or space conditions to vertical capacities in excess of 400-500kN, and at designed rakes to take combinations of vertical and horizontal loadings.
The screw piles can be installed without the need for concrete or grout, which allows them to be used in rail or highway situations where limited time may be available to install them, and where simplicity to finished installation is essential.
Method is virtually vibration-free and no louder than the installing rig- commonly JCB or small loader type.
  • Diameters – small diameter 150mm to 600mm flights.
  • Lengths – up to capacity of installation rig- commonly 3-20m.
  • Solid square bar or steel tube section shaft.
  • Elements are light and portable.
  • Grouted option available.
  • Can be installed for temporary works, then extracted and removed from site.
  • Can be utilised as piles or anchors depending upon design and ground conditions.
  • Piles for retail refurbishments- i.e. limited time, access and/or headroom.
  • Fast installation.
  • For use in Contaminated ground – low displacement so zero spoil created from pile shaft.

For further information see Restricted Access Piling

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