Rotary Bored Piling

Thanks to our roots working in the mudrocks of the West Midlands and South West of England, we have amassed over 30 years of experience in the design and construction of rotary bored piles across all sectors.

We specialise in drilling rock and hard material and have a comprehensive range of tooling for penetrating hard strata and rigs capable of drilling up to 3000mm diameter.

We are the UK’s foremost independent Rotary piling specialist, operating 10 modern tracked & lorry mounted rotary rigs.


Rotary piling is especially suited to boring through hard strata, and any boulders or man made obstructions which may prevent the use of CFA piling methods. On confined sites rotary piling can work with a smaller site setup than a CFA rig. For basement & retaining wall projects, the rotary method used with segmental casing offers tight tolerances on pile verticality, as well as allowing the installation of full length reinforcement cages to a greater depth than CFA piling.

Rotary piling can also be used together with permanent debonding pile sleeves, reducing load transfer to underground structures such as tunnels, culverts or retaining walls.

The Right Tools for the Job

The key to rotary piling is understanding the ground conditions and having the right tool available for the material being bored. We own and maintain all of our own tooling, including various sizes of rock & clay augers, core barrels, cleaning buckets, temporary casing and tremmies. This range means that we can work at maximum efficiency in any ground conditions, and allows us to react quickly if ground on your site varies against expectations.

Our rigs vary from the lightweight, 12t Tescar CF3 to our newest rotary rig, the 90t Soilmec SR95. Our smallest rig, the Tescar CF3, can work in headroom as low as 3.6m, yet it is capable of drilling piles up to 750mm diameter and 22m deep.

The Soilmec SR95 is our newest rig, capable of installing segmental temporary casing to depths of up to 30m, and boring piles up to 3000mm diameter to 70m and beyond, depending on Kelly bar.

We have recently invested in a Soilmec STM20 lorry mounted piling rig, having operated a number of similar rigs in the early 2000’s. The rig compliments our existing Highways capabilities, enabling us to offer rapid mobilisations at low cost for roadside & Smart Highways type projects. The STM20 is also well suited to short duration rotary jobs such as trial piling, or where permanent casing is required on a small number of piles as part of a larger scheme.

Standard Tool Sizes

Nominal Diameter Auger Diameter Casing Diameter
375mm 365mm 406mm
450mm 460mm 508mm
600mm 565mm 610mm
750mm 720mm 762mm
900mm 870mm 914mm
1050mm 1020mm 1067mm
1200mm 1170mm 1219mm
1350mm 1320mm 1372mm
1500mm 1470mm 1524mm


  • Bearing piles
  • Large diameter piles
  • Piles founded into rock or cored through bands of strong rock strata
  • Piling adjacent to roads and railways
  • Installation of permanent casings
  • Contiguous and secant piling, including hard-hard secant walls
  • King post piling
  • Cut-off levels deep below the surface
  • Piles with dense reinforcement


  • Diameters from 350mm – 3000mm
  • Depths up to 75 metres
  • Depths of up to 15m in headroom of 3m
  • Oscillated casings in long single lengths
  • Sectional and twin wall casing
  • Combine with polymers or bentonite drilling fluids to maintain stability of bore
  • Specialist tools for drilling through saturated soils
  • Rock drilling attachments
  • Placement of concrete under water by tremmie
  • High verticality tolerances