Rock Pile Drilling across the UK and Ireland.

Piling into soft or weak ground demands one set of techniques and solutions, however in situations where rock may be present, but for any number of reasons cannot be relied upon for strength, a whole different series of technologies and design approaches are needed.
Rock may well be of poor quality or strength, or contain bands or faults that make it unreliable. In which case using our proven rock pile drilling techniques, piles can be installed into solid rock, or in voided or heavily faulted rock, coal or other workings and natural solution features.
In these circumstances our flexible drilling rigs are capable of drilling vertically and at any angle, so small and medium diameter piles can be drilled to achieve exceptionally high pile capabilities. In addition, restricted access rock pile drilling rigs can be used in tight corners.
Commonly, high loads are required in rock for either high bearing loads or tension support. In this case, using the ODEX system, permanent steel casings can be taken down with the tool to support loose ground or fractured rock. Once the casing is into solid rock, a socket can be advanced into the rock using a down-the-hole-hammer. Sacrificial casings can also be used to sleeve or support the piles through any voids.
We also have the capability to advance rock sockets at larger diameter with our standard bored piling machines, but using bullet-toothed auger bits.

Rock anchors can be installed to BS 8081 with full corrosion protection if required, and can be used to retain rock faces or provide economic support to any retaining wall.

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