Low Headroom (LHR) Bored Piling

Foundation Piling are well known for working on at best challenging sites, and can offer low headroom bored piles, using a selection of it’s extensive range of rigs for challenging access sites, with low headroom. Low headroom rigs can be employed under bridges, under buildings, or underneath power cables. The rig choice will depend on the insitu soils, weight or headroom restriction pile depth and diameter.


The Soilmec SR70 piling rig can drill piles up to a diameter of 1200mm, and up to 60m long . This rig comes with a variety mast extensions to suit the drilling depth and the headroom restriction. The minimum overall height for this rig is as low as 5.8m, with a maximum drilling depth of 30.7m. As the mast extensions are added, the drilling depth increases to 60.7m. The overall rig heights available are 5.80, 6.85, 7.85, 8.85, and 9.85m. Please see our capabilities chart for the various options that are available.

Our smallest rig the 12t Tescar CF3, can work in a headroom as low as 3.6m, yet is capable of drilling piles up to 750mm diameter, up to a depth of 22m.