Ductile Iron Tube Piling

The Ductile Iron Piling System is a fast and effective method of forming high capacity driven tubular piles.  The low displacement and vibration installation system uses a high frequency hydraulic hammer mounted on a standard excavator and generates no spoil.
The pile sections are 5 metres long and are extended by locating the spigot end of the new length into the socket end already driven.  Once installed to refusal the pile is filled with concrete, capped with a top plate and continuity rebar for inclusion into the pile cap.  Enhanced skin friction can be achieved by providing a grout surround to the driven casing.  Capacities of upto 600kN can be achieved where the piles are driven onto a rock stratum.
Top Driven Ductile Piles can be driven vertically or at a raking angle.  This capability and flexibility of the excavator mounted system allows a component of horizontal capacity to be provided.  Ductile Piles have proved to be a viable solution for both bearing piles and piled retaining walls where a flexible installation method is important.
The Ductile System can be adapted to install 2.5 metre pile sections within restricted working conditions.  The system has successfully been used within warehouse environments and restricted headroom of a 4 metre Network Rail Bridge between track possessions (see Lawrence Hill Ductile Case Study).
 Diameters 118mm, 170mm.
  • Pile lengths 5.0m spigot and socket jointed.
  • Capacity- 100-600kN.
  • Ease of connection between lengths, and final cutting to length once driven.
  • Low vibration means driving close to existing property.
  • Capable of being driven plain or grout-encased.
  • Retail re-development on live schemes– the small plant needed helps customer safety.
  • Piling in contaminated ground- no spoil created, and high durability of pile shaft.
  • New-build piling for residential or commercial/retail.
  • Piling to existing buildings and structures.
  • Restricted access projects with short programme times available-i.e. railway schemes.

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