Driven Ductile, Steel Tube and Timber Piling across the UK and Ireland.

Steel tubular piles are suitable for many applications, from small diameter piles for house extensions and underpinning to large industrial sites and highway works. Larger diameter tubular piles may be used for a number of marine applications.
We can construct steel-cased plain or cast in-situ piles, timber piles and small diameter ductile iron tube piles.
Timber piles can be used for a variety of Architectural and environmental environments.


Low headroom:

Top Hammer/Rhino type – 65 – 150mm
Moles – 100 – 220mm
Drop Hammer – 150 – 354mm

Unrestricted Headroom:

Diameters up to 680mm.
Variation of timber types from FSC sources.

Sizes up to 300mm diameter

Cost efficient for small sites.
Low mobilisation charges.
Installation in headroom as low as 1.8 metres.
Applications requiring high pile moment capacity.
Permanent casing for highly aggressive environment.
Cofferdams and marine applications.

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