Foundation Piling Specialist in Wakefield

Expert Foundation Piling Service Provider in Wakefield, the UK, Europe and World Wide From Foundation Piling Ltd. Foundation Piling provides a variety of piling products and services to aid in constructing stable, dependable designs. Our piling choices are adapted to suit every site or structure demand, however big or small, by employing our extensive repertoire of piling approaches to ensure that we will effectively achieve your objectives. We offer methods to engineering which need our 35- years experience and expertise of piling and foundation and are the most highly regarded in the industry. If you are searching for a Foundation Piling Specialist in Wakefield give us a call on 01454 412 300 and one of our experts will be happy to help and advise you.

Our Environmental Credentials are really important to us

Foundation Piling’s new custom-built Head Office in Oswestry has been designed and built by ourselves on a brownfield site. The site and office are designed with the optimum layout for our management, servicing, storage and other operational requirements of our business. Our policy of recycling is mandatory in all areas of the company and the heating and ventilation of the office are thermostatically controlled and timer switched. Our other offices follow the same environmental awareness policies.

 Foundation Piling Specialist WakefieldWe design all sectors of our geotechnical work using the most efficient and least invasive methods of piling;

  • We eliminate (or minimise) spoil removed from the ground by using small displacement driven ductile iron piles, driven BSP or grundomat driven piles, or displacement auger piles. All of these give high load capacities for a very small ground footprint, and for small usage of new raw materials
  • We utilise timber piles that are either from recycled material or from sustainable sources under the FSC banner
  • Where possible, in temporary works we use helical screw piles which can be removed following use
  • We optimise the capacities of the steel we use in our designs, and recycle all of our waste steel, either generated from fabrication or returned from site
  • We will utilise the inclusion of lime piles to give a significantly enhanced bearing capacities, utilising a natural material for ground improvement where we can
  • In conjunction with lime piles, we will use electro-osmosis techniques to give improved ground strength in all possible projects
 In our site operations, we demonstrate our environmental awareness by;
  • Limiting our waste- waste produced by our site operations is minimal
  • Any waste materials/steel is returned to the head office compound for reuse or recycling
  • The plant is frequently and regularly serviced to minimise fuel consumption and emissions
  • Drilling is performed using either water or foam where practical to minimise dust emissions and if this is not possible we use dust collection units on rigs
  • In environments such as live retail units, we utilise noise suppression units on rigs and fume extraction on exhausts
  • In extremely sensitive areas, electrically operated equipment is used
We are committed to continually improving our environmental company responsibilities through our designs, office and site operations and encourage this in all the projects we are involved with.

Our Piling Techniques and Solutions

Bearing Piles – We have several procedures at our disposal for planning and developing bearing piles in any ground condition that you may want. Using Foundation Piling Ltd you have the experience and expertise that will net you the most environmentally safe and cost-efficient resolution to your foundation specifications. Our bearing pile range consists of such piles as CFA Bored Piles, Top Driven Piles, Mini Piles, and Tripod Bored Piling.

Basement Construction – Whether you need a basement inside of a new build or one incorporated into existing building footprints, we are the business with the equipment and know-how to get it done. We are able to develop basements near pre-existing constructions as we can use low vibration piling techniques that do not compromise the architectural condition of the adjacent construction whilst development is progressing.

All the various rigs we have access to are especially suited to setting up basements within the inner city whether access is limited or not, and we are experts in developing basements by employing embedded piled wall structures. These can be coupled with our other solutions, such as struts and other stabilising structures or combinations of walls, and we have numerous styles readily available. As well as sound structural support, our pilings allow for outstanding retaining walls to help keep out unwanted water from entering into your basement which is crucial. Both in permanent and short-term circumstances regarding retaining walls, Foundation Piling possesses a considerable range of techniques to make use of along with our piling to address any situation or site.

Retaining Walls – We have several solutions and the technical know-how to offer you the very best retaining walls to suit your needs. The services we’ve readily available to use in constructing retaining walls incorporate contiguous bored pile walls, soil nailing, soil mixing, electro-osmosis, and more.

Slope Stability – Erosion is a natural event for land everywhere and we understand when slopes erode it can cause significant issues. If replenishing the lost mass isn’t a solution, typically a problem when ownership of the land is taken into consideration, other solutions must be considered. When you come to Foundation Piling with a slope stability predicament, we are able to offer a selection of feasible solutions, ranging from the simple and small-scale soil nailing up to the larger- scale, trusted, and sophisticated fully reinforced bored piling.

If you have your solution already drafted, we can complete a build-only solution request for you as per your given requirements,  otherwise, we can complete the design and provide the construction for the stabilising of the slope. With our stability evaluation, we will supply you with the most effective strategy to make sure the targeted slope keeps its stability for the greatest time possible.

Underpinning – When your foundation requires alteration, most often as a result of the original foundation no longer being sufficiently strong enough for the building that it supports, underpinning the foundation is certainly be a viable option for maintaining your building’s structural integrity. If the building undergoes additional engineering, or perhaps the foundation deteriorates as a result of outside forces, underpinning it with additional support could save you from really expensive repairs later on if your building’s foundations are damaged.

Our extensive selection of equipment is especially suited to being able to access otherwise restricted areas ensuring that we can easily build where other companies do not have the capacity. We will include a preliminary survey of the structure to be able to assess the very best plan of action both in construction and design and when you use our in-house designs for underpinning your foundation, you will benefit from our structural repair practical experience and expertise.

We have many approaches accessible to us for constructing bearing piles and our bearing pile range is substantial enough to meet any foundation piling demand.

CFA Piling – Contiguous Flight Augur Piling is perfect for when piling needs to make it through such troublesome substance as clay, as well as other non-cohesive material that bears water. We are seen as the UK’s most effective and reputable CFA piling specialists in the world and always complete any job we undertake successfully.

Rotary Bored Piling – This manner of piling is more effective than other techniques when pitted against hard, solid rock, and on occasion, boulders. It can also deliver the results with a smaller amount room or space needed compared to a CFA rig.

Augur Displacement Piling – When you really need a low impact solution to your piling situations, augur displacement piling produces significantly less soil to be removed and this could be invaluable both for the quality of life all around the development location whilst avoiding shaking up the foundation of adjoining structures.

Ground Anchors – When buildings are assessed to be in need of repair or replacing, ground anchors can be drilled into the structure to produce an immediate form of relief for the structure.

Mini Piling – When size is an issue for piling rig setup, mini piling is the ideal solution. While tremendously smaller than conventional setups, mini piling can still complete the task to total satisfaction.

Ductile Iron Tube Piling – This piling technique is both extremely fast and very successful. Using a hydraulic hammer makes it possible for it to generate no spoil whilst producing little vibration, like augur displacement piling.

Screw Piles – Screw piles do not have the reliance on concrete or grout that other types have, making them well suited for easy and quick construction when the timing is critical.

Soil Nailing – Soil nailing is a solution when the customer is looking to get a compact but efficient solution that will stand by itself. It is generally of use when a slope is required to be reinforced against erosion, quite often when a slope is being built on.

Rock Anchors and ODEX – These systems can be used to both drill into solid rock and also reinforce the rock if required. Comparable to a heavy- duty soil nailing system, but with a drill to back it up.

Tripod Piling – When piling is required to be carried out on unstable ground, a tripod system can be used to offer support to ensure that piling can still be conducted.

Based in close proximity to Chester, with offices in London and Bristol, we offer our services all over the United Kingdom, Europe and World Wide. For more information from the Foundation Piling Specialists in Wakefield or on any one of our services, call our Bristol office on 01454 412 300.