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Foundation Piling provides a variety of piling products and services to assist in making strong, dependable designs and structures. With over 35 years experience our piling solutions and techniques will resolve your piling needs, Give us a call on 01454 412 300 to find out more about the services and solutions we offer.

Foundation Piling Specialist SwanseaSlope Stability

Erosion is a natural occurrence for land everywhere, at Foundation Piling we understand that when slopes erode it can cause significant challenges and safety issues. If restoring the displaced mass is not a solution (often a problem when ownership of the land is taken into account), alternative solutions must be taken into consideration. If you come to Foundation Piling with a slope stability situation, we can offer you a selection of resolutions, from the easy and small-scale soil nailing, right up to the larger-scale, dependable, and sophisticated reinforced bored piling methods.

If you have your solution already drafted, we are happy to complete a build-only service for you to match your specified requirements. Otherwise, we can offer the design and provide the construction for the stabilising of the slope. With our stability analysis, we offer you the most effective strategies to make sure the targeted slope retains its stability for the greatest time possible.

Soil Nailing

Soil nailing is a resolution when the customer is looking to get a smaller but successful and sound remedy that can stand on its own. It is mostly used when a slope needs to be reinforced against erosion, in most cases when a slope is being built on.

Bearing Piles

We’ve many solutions at our disposal for planning and constructing bearing piles in any ground condition that you may require. With Foundation Piling, you will find the experience and expertise designed to get you the most ecological and cost-effective remedy for your foundation specifications. Our bearing pile collection incorporates piles such as; CFA Bored Piles, Top Driven Piles, Mini Piles, and Tripod Bored Piling.

Basement Construction

Whether you require a basement in a new build or one integrated into building footprints that are already there, we are the business with all the tools and know-how to achieve it. If necessary, we are able to develop a basement close to a current construction because we make use of low vibration piling techniques that do not compromise the architectural integrity of the adjoining construction whilst the build is in progress.

The various rigs we have access to are suitable for setting up basements within the inner city (no matter whether access is restricted or otherwise), and we are experts in constructing basements, applying embedded piled wall structure. These may be coupled with our other offerings, such as struts along with other stabilising structures or combinations of walls, of which we have a number of styles readily available to choose from. Along with sound structural support, our pilings make outstanding retaining walls to keep out unwanted water from your basement. In both permanent and short-term situations relating to retaining walls, Foundation Piling possesses a substantial range of methods to utilise in conjunction with our piling to address any situation.

Retaining Walls

We’ve many solutions and technical innovations to offer you the most effective retaining walls to meet your requirements. The services we have readily available for use in constructing retaining walls incorporate; contiguous bored pile walls, soil nailing, soil mixing, electro-osmosis, and more.


When your foundation demands modification, quite often as a result of original foundations no longer being sufficiently strong enough for the construction that it supports, underpinning the foundation can be a viable option for preserving your building’s structural integrity. If the building undergoes additional development, or perhaps the foundation weakens as a result of outside factors, underpinning it with additional support will save you from expensive repairs later on if something happens with your building’s foundations.

Our extensive array of apparatus is specifically suited to accessing otherwise restricted places and ensures that we can build where other businesses just simply do not have the capability. We also include a preliminary study of the structure in order to appraise the ideal plan of action in both construction and design. Once you use our in-house designs for underpinning your foundation you can take advantage of our structural repair expertise, if you require it.

We have numerous methods available to us for constructing bearing piles. Our bearing pile range is comprehensive enough to meet any foundation piling demand.

CFA Piling

Contiguous Flight Augur Piling is useful for when piling necessities to make it through troublesome material such as clay, along with other non-cohesive material that bears water.

Rotary Bored Piling

This form of piling works better than other approaches when pitted against hard, solid rock, and on occasion, boulders. It can also function with much less room or space needed than the usual CFA rig.

Augur Displacement Piling

When you want a low impact means to fix your piling difficulties, augur displacement piling creates less soil that then needs to be removed This is often advantageous for both the quality of life around the construction location and to avoid shaking up the foundation of surrounding constructions.

Ground Anchors

When buildings are in need of repair or replacing, ground anchors can be drilled into the structure to provide an instantaneous form of relief for the construction.

Mini Piling

When size is a concern for piling rig setup, mini piling is the ideal solution. Although tremendously small compared to traditional configurations, mini piling can still complete the job to full satisfaction.

Ductile Iron Tube Piling

This piling technique is extremely fast and highly effective. Using a hydraulic hammer makes it possible for it to create no spoil whilst generating very little vibration, like augur displacement piling.

Screw Piles

Screw piles lack the reliance on concrete or grout that other piling types have, leading them to be ideal for fast and simple construction when the timing is critical.

Rock Anchors and ODEX

These systems can be used to drill into solid rock, and to reinforce the rock as appropriate. Similar to a heavy- duty soil nailing system, but with a drill to back it up.

Tripod Piling

When piling needs to be accomplished on unstable ground, a tripod system can be used to supply support to ensure that piling needs can still be accomplished.

Based in the vicinity of Chester, with offices in London and Bristol, we offer our expert services all over the UK, Europe and Worldwide. To learn more about the most reputable Foundation Piling Specialist in Swansea or for information on any of our piling solutions call our Bristol office on 01454 412 300.