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Foundation Piling Specialist NottinghamFoundation Piling offers a variety of piling services to assist in developing stable, dependable designs and builds. Our piling choices will match your every need, utilising our wide-ranging piling approaches to ensure that we are able to efficiently match your requirements. We offer techniques in engineering that utilises our 35- years expertise in piling and foundation.

This article discusses many of the piling services that will enable you to rectify problems you may have when developing or modifying an existing structure or enable you to build on a new site. We are experts in piling and will come out to your site to advise you on the specialist piling approaches and techniques you need to progress your build or make an existing structure safe.

Foundation Piling Ltd was originally formed in March 1980 as West Midland Piling and Foundations Ltd. The company specialised in providing piled foundations for small to medium sized civil engineering and building projects with particular emphasis on restricted access projects.

Throughout its trading history Foundation Piling, has been an innovative company, committed to the development of new techniques, establishing a reputation in the piling industry as the specialists’ specialist, and is frequently called upon by larger specialist companies to assist in resolving problems.

Our team of 100 are directly employed and our company commits to the Investor in People scheme and our policy focuses on continued training and personal development to ensure that a fully committed and enthusiastic multi-skilled workforce is available at all times to provide a rapid response to clients and their requirements.

Foundation Piling is a business built on solid and stable underpinnings.

We were founded and are still managed by a team of experienced chartered engineers who relish the challenge of overcoming the seemingly insurmountable.

Over the years, Foundation Piling has frequently been called in to take over jobs where other companies have thrown in the towel. We are proud to say, we have always successfully completed every project.

If you need advice or are looking for a Piling Specialist in Nottingham, anywhere in the UK or Europe then give us a call on 01454 412 300 and one of our expert team can help or advise you. No job is too big or small for Foundation Piling Ltd.

Piling Techniques and Approaches:

Bearing Piles

We’ve many approaches at our disposal for designing and building bearing piles in virtually any ground condition that you could require. When using Foundation Piling, you have the expertise and experience that will get you the most environmentally safe and cost-efficient solution to your foundation specifications. Our bearing pile range includes piles such as CFA Bored Piles, Top Driven Piles, Mini Piles, and Tripod Bored Piling.

Basement Construction

Basement Construction is getting increasingly popular where property owners have no room to build upwards so the only option to extend their home is going downwards into a basement. Over the last few years, one local authority alone has granted planning applications for more than 800 basement extensions, refused 90, and has a further 20 outstanding.


Whether you require a basement in a new build or one incorporated into building footprints which are currently there, we are the company with the specific tools and know-how to accomplish it. We are able to develop basements near a current construction as we can use low vibration piling techniques that don’t compromise the architectural integrity of the adjacent construction whilst development is underway.

The range of rigs we can access is suitable for setting up basements within the inner city regardless of whether access has limitations or not, and we specialise in constructing basements using embedded piled walls. These can be combined with our other offerings, for example, struts along with other stabilising structures or combinations of walls, of which we have numerous styles readily available to select from. In addition to sound structural support, our pilings make for exceptional retaining walls to keep out unwanted water from entering into your basement. In both permanent and short-term circumstances relating to retaining walls, Foundation Piling has a substantial variety of techniques to utilise in tandem with our piling to address the specific situation.

Retaining Walls

We’ve many approaches to piling and technical innovation to provide the best retaining walls for your needs. The services we have available for use in constructing retaining walls consist of contiguous bored pile walls, soil nailing, soil mixing, electroosmosis, and much more.

Slope Stability

Erosion is a natural event for land everywhere, although when slopes deteriorate it can cause severe issues with all types of structures and areas. If replenishing the missing mass isn’t an option (normally a difficulty when ownership of the land is factored in), another solution can be considered. When you come to Foundation Piling with a slope stability predicament, we are able to offer you a selection of possible remedies, varying from the easy and small-scale soil nailing up to the larger- scale, dependable, and more complicated reinforced bored piling techniques.

If you have your method of piling already drafted, we can to complete the build-only service request for you as per your specified requirements to your solution. Otherwise, we are able to complete both designs, and supply the construction for the stabilising of the slope. With our stability exploration, we can provide you with the best strategy to making sure the targeted slope retains its stability for the longest period of time.


When your foundation demands modification, usually as a result of the original foundation no longer being strong enough for the building it supports, underpinning the foundation can be a viable choice for preserving your building’s structural stability. If your building undergoes supplemental construction, or the foundation deteriorates due to outside factors, underpinning it with additional support could save you from pricey repairs if something happens with your building’s foundation that leads to damage.

Our substantial collection of equipment is especially suitable for being able to access otherwise restricted locations so we can build where others simply do not have the capacity. We include a preliminary study of the structure so we can evaluate the most effective strategy both in construction and design. After you use our in-house designs for underpinning your foundation, you can also take advantage of our structural repair knowledge, should you require it.

As stated before, we have numerous techniques available to us for constructing bearing piles. Our bearing pile range is substantial enough to meet any foundation piling need.

CFA Piling

Contiguous Flight Augur Piling is useful for when piling really needs to make it through problematic material as clay (as well as other noncohesive materials that bears water just like clay). We are known as the UK’s most effective CFA piling contractors and can resolve any issues you have.

Rotary Bored Piling

This form of piling works more effectively than other approaches when pitted against hard, solid rock, and also on occasion, boulders. It can also operate with significantly less room needed compared to a CFA rig.

Augur Displacement Piling

When you need a low impact means to fix your piling difficulties, augur displacement piling generates significantly less soil to be removed This is helpful both for the quality of life surrounding the construction area as well as avoid shaking up the foundation of adjoining buildings.

Ground Anchors

When buildings are assessed and in need of repair or replacment, ground anchors can be drilled into the structure to provide an immediate form of relief for the structure.

Mini Piling

When size is a concern for piling rig setup, mini piling is your solution. Whilst substantially smaller than standard setups, mini piling can still complete the job to full satisfaction.

Ductile Iron Tube Piling

This piling technique is both very quick and effective. Employing a hydraulic hammer permits it to create no spoil while producing little vibration, like augur displacement piling.

Screw Piles

Screw piles do not have the reliance upon concrete or grout that other types have, which makes them great for fast and simple engineering when time is critical.

Soil Nailing

Soil nailing is often a remedy when the customer is looking for a small but powerful solution which will stand by itself. It’s mainly used whenever a slope needs to be reinforced against erosion, usually whenever a slope is being built on.

Rock Anchors and ODEX

These systems may be used to both drill into solid rock and also reinforce the rock if needed. Much like a heavy-duty soil nailing system, but with a drill to back it up.

Tripod Piling

When piling must be performed on unstable ground, a tripod system can be used to offer support to ensure that piling can still be carried out.

Based in the vicinity of Chester, with offices in London and Bristol, we are the Foundation Piling Specialist in Nottingham and offer our expertise all over the United Kingdom, Europe and throughout the world. For more information on any of our services telephone our Bristol office on 01454 412 300 and one of the team will be happy to help.