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Foundation Piling provides a variety of piling products and services to aid in making sturdy, dependable designs. Our piling solutions will satisfy your every demand, utilising our substantial collection of piling solutions in order that we will efficiently satisfy your objectives. Our reputable company offers methods to engineering using our 35-years expertise in the piling and foundation industry. If you have any questions about the services we offer or need to find out more, give us a call on 01454 412 300 and we will be happy to help.

Foundation Piling Company ExeterBearing Piles

We have many methods and approaches at our disposal for planning and developing bearing piles in any ground condition that you may need. With Foundation Piling Ltd, you have 35 years industry experience and the expertise needed to give you the most environmentally safe and cost-effective solutions for your foundation requirements, all being eco-friendly. Our bearing pile selection includes such piles as CFA Bored Piles, Top Driven Piles, Mini Piles, and Tripod Bored Piling.

Basement Construction

Regardless of whether you want to create a basement in a new build or have one incorporated into construction footprints that are currently there, we are the company with all the resources and know-how to make it happen. we are able to develop a basement really close to a current construction because we can make use of low vibration piling techniques that don’t compromise the architectural condition of the adjoining construction while construction is happening.

The plethora of rigs we can access is suited to setting up basements within the city (regardless of whether access is limited or not ), and we specialise in constructing basements applying embedded piled walls. These can be combined with our other offerings, such as struts along with other stabilising structures or combinations of walls, that we have multiple styles readily available to choose from. As well as sound structural support, our pilings allow for excellent retaining walls to keep out unwanted water from going into your basement. In both permanent and temporary circumstances regarding retaining walls, Foundation Piling has an extensive number of approaches to make use of in tandem with our piling to address any problems.

Retaining Walls

We have numerous options and the technology to offer you the very best retaining walls to meet your requirements. The services we have available for use in constructing retaining walls include things like contiguous bored pile walls, soil nailing, soil mixing, electro -osmosis, and much more.

Slope Stability

Erosion is a natural event for land everywhere, although when slopes deteriorate it can cause significant issues for buildings. If replenishing the displaced mass is not an option (generally a problem when ownership of the land is taken into account ), an additional solution should be considered. If you come to Foundation Piling with a slope stability difficulty, we can respond with a range of achievable options, varying from the easy and small scale soil nailing up to the larger-scale, trusted, and more complicated reinforced bored piling.

If you have your solution already drafted, we’re willing to complete your build only solution achieving the resolution you require. In any other case, we can complete both the design and supply the construction for the stabilising of the slope. With our stability assessment, we supply you with the perfect strategy to make sure the targeted slope retains its stability for the maximum time feasible.


When your foundation needs alteration, usually due to the original foundation no longer being strong enough for the building which it supports, underpinning a foundation is often a viable option for preserving your building’s structural integrity. If the building undergoes additional engineering, or perhaps the foundation deteriorates as a result of outside forces, underpinning it with additional support could save you from high priced repairs further down the road if something happens with your building’s foundation that leads to any damage.

Our comprehensive choice of equipment especially suitable for being able to access otherwise restricted locations ensures that we are able to build where many businesses just simply do not have the capability. Additionally, we will include a preliminary survey of the structure in order to measure the best course of action both in construction and design. After you use our in-house designs for underpinning your foundation, you can also take advantage of our structural repair working experience, if you require it.

As outlined above, we have numerous methods available to us for constructing bearing piles. Our bearing pile range is comprehensive enough to meet any foundation piling demand.

CFA Piling

Contiguous Flight Augur Piling is perfect for when piling needs to make it through such troublesome substance as clay (as well as other non-cohesive material that bears water). We are considered the UK’s best CFA piling company.

Rotary Bored Piling

This form of piling is more effective than other methods when pitted against hard, solid rock, and also on occasion, boulders. It can also do the job with less room needed than a CFA rig.

Augur Displacement Piling

When you need a low impact solution to your piling issues, augur displacement piling needs significantly less soil to be removed This is often invaluable both for the quality of life around the building and to avoid shaking up the foundation of surrounding constructions.

Ground Anchors

When buildings are assessed and in need of repair or replacing, ground anchors can be drilled into the structure to supply an instantaneous form of relief for the construction.

Mini Piling

When size is a concern for piling rig setup, mini piling is the best option. Although substantially smaller compared to regular configurations, mini piling can still complete the task to complete satisfaction.

Ductile Iron Tube Piling

This piling method is both very fast and effective. Using a hydraulic hammer permits it to generate no spoil while producing small vibration, like augur displacement piling.

Screw Piles

Screw piles do not have the dependence on concrete or grout that other types have, which makes them well suited for easy and quick construction when the timing is of the essence.

Soil Nailing

Soil nailing is usually a remedy when the client is seeking a small but powerful remedy which will stand by itself. It is mainly used when a slope is required to be reinforced against erosion, in most cases when a slope is being built on.

Rock Anchors and ODEX

These systems enable you to drill into solid rock as well as reinforce the rock if required. Similar to a heavy-duty soil nailing system, but with a drill to back it up.

Tripod Piling

When piling needs to be performed on unstable terrain, a tripod system can be used to provide support so that piling can still be conducted.

Based in close proximity to Chester, with offices in London and Bristol, we provide our professional services throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and all over the world. For more information on our Foundation Piling in Exeter or any one of our solutions call our Bristol office on 01454 412 300 and one of the team will be happy to help.