Our Environmental Credentials

We are engaged in several areas of continuous improvement in our environmental responsibility as a company, in terms of our design, office and site operations.
In our Design/Tendering Office we design all sectors of our geotechnical work using the most efficient and least invasive methods of piling, in the following ways;
  • We eliminate (or minimise) spoil removed from the ground by using small displacement driven ductile iron piles, driven BSP or grundomat driven piles, or displacement auger piles. All of these give high load capacities for a very small ground footprint, and for small usage of new raw materials.
  • We utilise timber piles that are either from recycled material, or from sustainable sources under the FSC banner.
  • Where possible in temporary works we use helical screw piles which can be removed following use.
  • We design to optimise the capacities of the steel we use, and recycle all of our waste steel, either generated from fabrication or returned from site.
  • We will utilise the inclusion of lime piles to give a significantly enhanced bearing capacities, utilising a natural material for ground improvement.
  • In conjunction with lime piles, we will use electro-osmosis techniques to give improved ground strengths.
Foundation Piling’s new custom-built Head Office in Oswestry has been designed and built by ourselves on a brownfield site. The site and office complex is designed to an optimum layout for our management, servicing, storage and other operations, and our policy of recycling is mandatory in all areas of the works. The heating and ventilation of the office is thermostically controlled and timer switched. Our other offices follow the same environmental awareness policies.
In our site operations, we demonstrate our environmental awareness by;
  • Limiting our waste- waste produced by our site operations is minimal.
  • Any waste materials/steel is returned to head office compound.
  • Plant is frequently and regularly serviced to minimise fuel consumption and emissions.
  • Drilling is performed with either water or foam where practical to minimise dust emissions, or we will use dust collection units on rigs.
  • In environments such as live retail units, we utilise noise suppression units on rigs and fume extraction on exhausts.
  • In extremely sensitive areas, electrically operated equipment is used.


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About us

For many civil engineers and site managers faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem, Foundation Piling is the first name to call. They value our expert advice – and with good reason.
We’ve built our reputation on tackling the most difficult projects – and succeeding. Wherever your project is located, from unpredictable brown field sites to tightly restricted city centres, you can trust Foundation Piling to deliver.
As an independent company, we can respond to your request quickly and effectively, anywhere in the UK and Ireland. Even in emergencies or up against tight deadlines, we’re calm, efficient and effective.
Foundation Piling leads the way with technically advanced, practical ground engineering. Our extensive knowledge of soil behaviour and unrivalled experience of challenging jobs minimises risks. We succeed in locations often considered unworkable.
We’ll support you in every aspect of your project, and achieve a successful outcome. We are environmentally aware and comply with all the latest regulations, including noise and spoil restrictions, and Euro-codes.

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